Bond Claims & Lien Foreclosures

Payment and performance bonds are commonplace for many construction projects. From state to state and job to job, the legal and contractual requirements surrounding the proper selection, pursuit, and defense of a bond claim vary greatly. With knowledge of the workings of the surety-principal relationship and corresponding indemnification obligations, and armed with the experience to enforce (defensively or offensively) the terms of any particular bond, the attorneys of WFMB provide valuable representation to sureties, principals, and obligees, alike.


The lien laws of any state are typically laden with nuanced and detailed requirements with regard to the timing, format, and content of liens. As such, those experienced with liens, like the attorneys of WFMB, are an invaluable resource to clients throughout the lien process. The attorneys of WFMB bring this experience in preparing, recording, contesting, foreclosing, or defending liens for their clients.

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